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Viva Gourmet is proud  to promote the domestic lamb raised by Anderson Ranch on their multi generational lamb ranch. Reed & Robyn Anderson are carrying on a tradition of raising lambs on the grassy hills of the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Their children who are also helping on the range are the fifth generation of this family ranch.

Lamb is an essential part of a festive Spring meal. Spring lamb is a symbolic part of both Passover and Easter dinners. It symbolizes new life, and innocence. Boneless leg of lamb makes a Spring feast simple and a fresh rack of lamb is both elegant and delicious. But really- lamb is wonderful to enjoy year ‘round so don’t limit yourself!

Many people have only had imported lamb from Australia or New Zealand, however the lamb raised domestically in the United States is highly sought out by top chefs. The imported versions from the Southern hemisphere are widely available and raised in very large numbers in production style farms. They are often a ‘multi- purpose’ breed of sheep which is actually more valuable for the wool they produce than the meat. As with so many things, certain varieties are best for certain traits. Australia is the number one producer of wool. If you have not had a pleasant experience trying lamb, perhaps you have not had lamb which was raised for the quality of its meat. As you begin to be more conscious of your food these things really matter.

Lambs raised on the Anderson Ranch are bred and raised from an old English breed of sheep, raised specifically for meat.They are raised in a bucolic setting, with sustainability forefront and the result is  flavorful and tender lamb. That being said, Anderson Ranch utilizes holistic and sustainable ranching principals and certainly does not waste the wool, it just isn’t their prime focus. Reed Anderson has been awarded by the local community for Soil and Water conservation. This area of Oregon is also noted for its high quality grass and they responsibly grow grass seed on the meadows where the lambs graze. They steer clear of hormones, antibiotics and supplemental grain feeding. You simply don’t need those things if you are practicing sustainable ranching! They have even constructed their own processing facility to reduce travel and stress of the animals. You see their focus is on doing things right; right for the animals, the land and the community.

I would be remiss if I didn’t recommend a nice Willamette Valley Pinot Noir to enjoy with your fresh lamb dinner. The Willamette Valley has become highly recognized for producing excellent quality Pinot Noir. The area is naturally conducive to the Pinot Noir grape. The vintner community has joined together, helping each other overcome hardship and improving the quality of their wines. They have created standards that rival their French counterparts- thereby earning their respect. There must be something special going on in the Willamette Valley, quality seems to be forefront.

Anderson Ranch lamb is recognized by top chefs as some of the best available. Viva Gourmet thinks it is a perfect base for a Memorable Meal. You find your best quality people- we’ll help with the ingredients and the ideas. Check out our ‘Celebration of Spring’ meal featuring Anderson Ranch lamb.

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