Alba Clamshell (Beech mushroom)

The Alba Clamshell- petite and delicate but big on flavor! Also known as the HonShimeji or Beech mushroom. The Alba Clamshell grows in beautiful clumps with ” 2-3” stems with small caps up to the size of quarter. A lightly crisp variety, some feel it has a slight shellfish taste. It is a delicious compliment to seafood dishes and a myriad of others. These are cultivated mushrooms grown by ones who treasure the science of mycology. They enjoy a long shelf (refrigerator) life of up to two weeks and they are available year ‘round!


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Weight 1 lb

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Founded in 1977, these experienced mycologists have over 30 years experience growing exotic specialty mushrooms in Sonoma County, California. These beautiful, fresh mushrooms have been Certified Organic since 2003. This immaculate facility tucked amongst vineyards produces specialty mushrooms which are organic AND delicious.

How to Prep/Store

Store unwashed, in refrigerator, either in the packaging or on clean dish covered with a kitchen towel. Brush lightly or quickly wash in COLD water just before use to prolong shelf life. Being cultivated they have minimal traces of their upbringing. These have a very long refrigerator life which makes them handy to have on hand at all times.

Recipe Ideas

After cleaning... Lightly sauté with butter or good quality oil, a grind of fresh pepper and sea salt for 5-7 minutes- until tender. Then toss into pasta dishes, top risotto or other vegetables. One of my favorites is to top wilted spinach and roasted garlic with sautéed clamshells. They are such a beautiful addition because they hold their shape. I hate to say it but they're "cute"! Click for Recipe - Farfale tossed with Golden Tomatoes, Asparagus and Clamshell Mushroom