Berkshire Pork Collar Butt , 5-6 lbs

The Berkshire pork collar butt just cries out for a party! The collar butt is the upper section of a whole ‘Boston Butt” which is in reality, the whole pork shoulder. Go figure. The collar being the upper portion of the shoulder, it is beautifully marbled and just perfect for a slow braise or smoke. It has been popular in Italian kitchens for ages being  where the Italian Capocollo or Coppa  ham comes from. However, completion BBQ types like it equally well. Beautifully marbled, full of flavor and virtually impossible to screw up if you just exercise some patience!

If you really want no- fuss but great results get out the Sous Vide. ( then there are no worries about checking the temp on the grill )

The collar is slightly smaller than a whole butt (shoulder). This makes it is a little less intimidating if you are having a smaller gathering ( as opposed to the inviting the whole block!) The collar runs around 5 1/2 lbs on average.

Weight: 5.5- 6 lb avg
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Weight 5.5- 6 lb avg

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Berkshire pork is a specialty breed of pig. It is also known by the name Kurobuta as it is known in Japan. the breed is an ll black pig and well known for its marbling and flavor. It fell out of favor as pork became branded as 'the other white meat". We now have regained our senses and know that pork can be flavorful and juicy. ( At least with a heritage breed like Berkshire) These specialty Berkshire hogs are raised by a cooperative of farmers in the midwest who are concerned with tasty pork- not mass market commodity pork. The highest quality standards and inspection s apply and the result is delicious pork for your table.

How to Prep/Store

This beauty of a pork shoulder just needs some patience. Of course keep in the coldest meat section of your fridge upon arrival.  Some folks spend a few minutes trimming excess fat bit I tend to just leave it there to baste the meat on the grill. ( Now for a sous vide application some trimming would be advised) Figure an hour a pound at LOW temp, 250 on the grill or oven, LOW on the slow cooker or dutch oven and 145 on the sous vide. Then finish off with a good sear .

Recipe Ideas

You really can't go wrong as long as you give this pork collar the time it needs to cook and for that natural marbling to melt int the meat. The old adage 'low and slow' is true. Either on the grill ( at 250 degrees)  or in a slow cooker/ dutch oven ( on LOW ) it will take five to six hours. The last hour increase the heat and get the temperature up to 160 (or up to 190 if you want to "pull") . Give a sear on the hot side of the grill or under the broiler if desired.  It is so worth the wait. The question is , "to sauce or not to sauce?"