Berkshire Pork Ribs- St Loius 2 slabs

Berkshire pork ribs are a pitmaster favorite. The Berkshire pig is also known as the Kurobuta pig in Japan and literally translates to ‘black pig’. It is a heritage breed which is renowned for juicy marbling and superb flavor. Berkshire pork or Kurobuta pork show up on trendy chefs menus and now you can enjoy this treat at home. There simply is no comparison to grocery store pork which has been bred for quick mass production, not flavor. See Artisan section below to learn more.

It seems everyone has an opinion about how to cook ribs. This falls in the politics and religion category of topics to avoid at social dinner parties. I’ve recently taken to the sous-vide then smoke method. See below for simple instructions and great results. Of course, if you like to just put your Berkshire pork ribs in the oven with your favorite spice rub- you go for it!

The ‘St. Louis cut’ of ribs is a generous meaty cut and is trimmed to give you the best part of the rib without any chewy cartilage section.  2 slabs mmake for an average weight of 6 lbs.

Berkshire pork ribs- St Louis Cut

Weight: 6 lb
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Weight 6 lb

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Kurobuta” means “black pig” in Japanese. This heritage breed “pedigree pig” is much slower growing than your supermarket pig which is commercially farmed for quick time to market--NOT flavor. This is certified 100% pure Berkshire. The Kurobuta (or Berkshire) pig is a unique pig which has ancestry from the British Isles and Asia and is being carefully preserved by caring farmers here domestically. The farmers take extraordinary care in assuring these pedigree pigs a healthy and happy environment--of course free of hormones or antibiotics.

How to Prep/Store

Each vacuum sealed pack contains two slabs of ribs. Easy to break apart into smaller sections or pop one slab in the freezer. As with all meats we recommend a quality vacuum sealer and bags to protect your meat in the freezer.

Recipe Ideas

Everyone has an opinion about how to best prepare ribs. Personally, I'll stay out of that debate. My newest rib kick? Hassle-free sous-vide with a final smoke in the Big Green Egg. If you have a sous-vide, give it a try. Break ribs down into four pieces. Rub with your favorite dry rub and then vacuum seal according to your machine's recommendations ( or use the water immersion seal technique with zipper bags). Of course, recipes and opinions vary. Place in sous-vide at 145 degrees ( make sure to have plenty of water and cover the pot with foil to reduce evaporation). Cook for a minimum of 12 hours and up to 24. You can put in the fridge for 3 days before finishing off. when ready for your rib feast, start your grill. The Big Green Egg is great for a quick sear and then a short, low-heat smoke to impart smoke flavor. They'll be ready in about 30 minutes. Crispy, smokey, tender, and still moist!