Linguini with Squid Ink – Sbiroli

Squid Ink linguini from the Sbiroli pasta makers in Italy. Delicate Italian pasta flavored with squid ink.                                      This is a delicate linguini perfect for delicate sauces. The addition of squid ink gives a wonderful flavor of the sea and the striking jet black color. It’s a subtle flavor that your guests will be trying to describe. The jet black color will set off your presentation beautifully. Seafood is a natural complement to this pasta. This is traditional Italian pasta crafted in traditional style with durum, semolina, wheat germ, and eggs. It produces wonderful texture which your sauce will cling to. Quick cooking, striking presentation and delicate flavor all add up to a great addition to your pantry. Squid ink linguini makes a terrific pasta dinner to impress your guests.

Sbiroli Squid Ink Linguini 8.8 oz

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Weight 8.8 oz


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This small pasta maker is Southern Italy south of Bari in "the boot heel". Sbiroli utilizes the freshest free-range eggs, durum and semolina flours and then adheres to the traditional methods of the region. A very slow drying process and cutting with bronze dies gives texture to the finished pasta. The result is a light and delicious dried pasta. They take pasta seriously and you will be delighted with the results of their hard work and attention to detail.

How to Prep/Store

This is a wonderful dried pasta which will keep for up to two years, but I seriously doubt it will stay in your pantry long once you have tried it. Cook as directed in salted boiling water. This cooks very quickly--3 minutes!

Recipe Ideas

Simple is best with this delicious pasta. Try slicing some cherry or grape tomatoes in half. If you have fresh San Marzano tomatoes available by all means use them! Sauté fresh minced garlic in good olive oil--a spoonful of roasted garlic is a quick substitution and a more mellow flavor--with a little fresh-chopped basil and parsley or your favorite and available herbs. Add in your tomatoes and a splash of white wine. Sauté for about a minute until the tomatoes just begin to soften. Toss in cleaned and deveined shrimp and sauté until they are just barely opaque--perhaps a minute or two. Meanwhile cook the pasta in salted water for three minutes--keep an eye on things here, this is all moving very fast. Drain and toss with the ingredients in your sauté pan. Pass fresh Parmesan and pepper at the table. The colors and the flavors all go together beautifully. (Fresh chopped squid is also an excellent variation.)