BLiS Blast Hot Sauce

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BLiS Blast hot sauce is the sauce for everyone! Just enough kick for the hot sauce aficionado and enough flavor for those a bit more timid with hot sauce. It contains a wonderful blend of chiles (arbol, cayenne and chipotle) which are then aged for up to a year in oak barrels which formerly held Kentucky bourbon, BLiS maple syrup and Founders Kentucky breakfast stout! BLiS Blast will be a household favorite.

The flavors imparted are unmistakable. It doesn’t just throw heat at you–it is packed with flavors to complement a myriad of dishes. There are a zillion hot sauces on the market today . . . this one is definitely worth a try if you are a hot sauce fan. (And if you’re not, you may be as surprised as I was!)

A wonderful addition to everything from scrambled eggs, sautéed greens, soups, and, of course, BBQ.

BLiS Blast hot sauce will be your new favorite.

Weight: 375 ml
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Weight 375 ml

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BLiS was founded by a chef who has a real passion for both cooking and the out-of-doors. He began cooking as a child and has been an avid chef, gardener and outdoor enthusiast ever since. He is committed to using the highest quality regional ingredients with a desire to inspire both the professional chef and home cook alike. Anyone who can balance the hectic demands of a professional chef with time in the great out-of-doors with family is surely an excellent source for creating balanced ingredients for your creations.

How to Prep/Store

BLiS Blast comes in a nice heavy-weight bottle. You can leave on your counter for easy access as I do or keep in your refrigerator. Just warning you--it will go fast as family members realize it perks up just about everything!

Recipe Ideas

No recipe needed! Drizzle spoon or glug on just about anything. Personal favorite is to add a splash to lentil and greens soup. It gives just enough kick and loads of flavors. It's also great on cornbread!