Blis Fish Sauce- bourbon barrel aged

Blis fish sauce is a chefs dream. Many chefs consider Red Boat fish sauce to be the best. So Blis, (who has won awards for their bourbon barrel aged maple syrup) has taken Red Boat fish sauce and aged it in  barrels for seven months. Oh My. A match made in heaven. The depth of flavor is divine. The aroma and the taste are clean and deep. It is a barrel aged dose of unami.

Personally, until recently I considered fish sauce to taste and smell like the leftover trash basket of a fishing boat. No longer. Now that Blis and RedBoat have this delightful companionship, a whole new culinary world has opened up.

Think Thai noodle salad, pad thai, Ahi Tuna poke. Rub on steaks, use in salad dressings. Oh what a wonderful new world of opportunities.

Besides that- the bottle is just beautiful…

This delicious Blis fish sauce is a giant leap above anything on your grocers shelf. Give this one a try.



Weight: 200 ml
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Weight 200 ml

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Blis gourmet is run by a chef with a passion for food. His creations are all amazing. The Bourbon Barrel aged maple syrup has won numerous awards including a SOFI award from the Specialty Food association. The Fish sauce was rated in a league of it's own by taste test of 13 fish sauces.

How to Prep/Store

This premium fish sauce comes in a specially designed bottle which will loom lovely on your counter . As with most condiments- best to keep out of direct sunlight. Some chefs refrigerate fish sauce but it really is not necessary - simply a preference. Use as finishing ingredient, a base for marinades,  just about any time you  you want a blast of unami flavor. A little goes a long way.

Recipe Ideas

Oh the things you can make ... a recent favorite is a Thai Noodle Steak salad. The Blis Fish sauce is the star of the dressing and really ads depth of flavor to the meat( as if Wagyu beef needed help). The beauty of the Thai and Asian cuisines is there mixture and balance of flavors and textures. Sweet fruit, meaty steak, creamy avocado, zesty dressing and something crunchy! You can improvise to seasonal availability and your preferences. Don't stress but do realize that things like this Blis Fish sauce will take this to another level. Check out our recipe here.