Blis Maple Syrup- Mini 50 ml

This is not your everyday maple syrup! Grade A syrup is harvested from Northern maple trees then aged in 12-to-18-year-old Kentucky bourbon casks. The result is an amazing depth of maple flavor with a familiar bourbon overtone. Really, topping pancakes is great, but the possibilities with this syrup are endless. Top chefs turn to BLiS syrup for all sorts of recipes. There are a dozen things you could make better with BLiS maple syrup.

A spoonful in mascarpone cheese? Instant pastry filling! A touch in your favorite bourbon with an orange slice–a new Old Fashioned!

BLiS maple syrup has won many awards including a 2016 sofi award!

See our recipe for maple-bourbon glazed brussel sprouts for a start! (People who swear they don’t eat Brussels sprouts gobble these up!)

THIS mini version is  a prefect stocking stuffer or gift basket item!

BLiS maple syrup 50 ml bottle.


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