Bone-In Standing Rib Roast Buffalo (Bison)

A standing rib roast can not be beat for an impressive family feast! This one takes it up a notch. Bison (American buffalo) is an incredibly lean meat. Bison is also very flavorful as well as being meltingly tender.

This full 8-bone roast weighs around 16 to 17 lbs. Plenty for a large crowd or several meals for the family! Perfect to split with a friend even.

A myriad of options. Cut in half, freeze other half for another time. Or . . . carve half into big beautiful ribeye steaks (bone-in “Tomahawk” chops are all the rage in high-end steak houses.) Or . . . cut the ribs off for tremendous Texas-style ribs and then roast the ribeye itself.

All I can tell you is this is not your supermarket rib roast–you WILL enjoy.

(Photo is of boneless ribeye roast, less than half the size of this whole roast.)

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Weight: 16

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Weight 16

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How to Prep/Store

Will arrive in shrink-wrap packaging. Store in coldest section of refrigerator. Easy to prepare or re pack into smaller pieces. This whole roast might require a larger than usual roasting pan! Carve giant ribeye steaks and then roast the other portion whole as a standing rib roast. Will take about 15 minutes per pound to roast to medium rare. Roast on high heat to brown (15 minutes) then reduce oven to 250 degrees. Buffalo is extremely lean so please do not overcook! Use instant thermometer and remove between 130 to135 degrees. Sous vide is an excellent way to monitor temperature control and then sear for final crust.

Recipe Ideas

A prime rib roast really isn't that daunting. I've had great success with the sous vide style of cooking. Place in vacuum bag after gently seasoning. Set unit to 133 degrees and cook for 4 hours (for 5 to 6 lb roast.) Prepare grill to medium-hot. When sous vide is complete, rub entire roast with a generous amount of coarse sea salt and cracked pepper. Grill for several minutes to sear all sides and develop crust (alternatively, develop crust and sear outside in a hot oven).