Brown Clamshell Mushroom (Beech Mushroom)

Cultivated fresh mushroom

Brown Clamshell mushrooms, also known as the Shimeji or Beech mushroom, is a close sister to the Alba Clamshell comprising a showy clump of small stems with delicate caps usually less than the size of a quarter. It has a marbled appearance and a slightly crisp texture. It’s earthy color makes it a beautiful and tasty addition to many dishes. They enjoy a long shelf (refrigerator) life of up to two weeks, so keep some on hand for adding pizzaz to everything from omelets to pasta dishes. This cultivated specialty mushroom is available year round–so enjoy . . . often!! Available in 1/2 lb and 1 lb packages.

Brown Clamshell Mushroom/Beech Mushroom  recipe ideas below.

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Weight 1 lb
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Founded in 1977, these experienced mycologists have more than 30 years experience growing exotic specialty mushrooms in Sonoma County, California. These beautiful, fresh mushrooms have been Certified Organic since 2003. These treasures of the fungi kingdom are raised under strictly controlled conditions which are specifically suited to this particular mushroom.

How to Prep/Store

Store unwashed in refrigerator either in the packaging or on clean pan covered with a kitchen towel. These have a good shelf life and retain their good form for well over a week. often two. Slightly crisp so a quick sauté will bring out flavor and make for a pleasant texture. Brush or blow off any dirt before use. If necessary wash VERY quickly in COLD water just before use.

Recipe Ideas

Sauté ever so quickly and then top your favorite pizza for both wonderful flavor and a terrific look. Your guests will have never had these on their pizza before!  Also great in soup or atop fluffy barley, rice pilaf or a plate of lentils. Their mild yet distinct mushroom flavor combined with the way they maintain their shape makes these incredibly versatile.