Burgundy Truffle- Fresh(cwt)

It’s the season for fresh Burgundy Truffle.There is nothing that compares to a fresh truffle! Sliced razor thin it floats onto your fresh pasta, risotto or steak and transforms with its unique Umami flavor burst. This can be done on a mandolin-style slicer or extra sharp cheese slicer, or a high-quality knife and a little skill. Fresh truffles are harvested in the wild by specially trained dogs who sniff out their unique scent. They are buried in the earth in a symbiotic relationship with the roots of oaks or hazelnut trees. The delicious and unique taste is well worth the effort to obtain them!

This particular truffle comes from the Burgundy region of France and is milder than the Perigord truffle or the black winter truffle. It has distinctive bumpy surface and a veined interior. These fresh truffles are perfect for the home cook who wants to truly impress their guests. Just perfect for a dinner party presentation! Each order will  be approximately 1 oz

Shaved Burgundy Truffle adds aroma, flavor, and style!


Seasonal: Out Of Season
Weight: 1 oz
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Weight 1 oz

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Truffle hunters are quite secretive about their prized hunting spots! Specially trained dogs are used to locate these culinary gems which grow most commonly in a symbiotic relationship with the roots of oaks and hazelnut trees. Our fresh truffles come from one of the worlds most respected purveyors of truffles. They  adhere to strict guidelines for quality and have earned the respect of chefs worldwide.

How to Prep/Store

The goal is to keep moisture away. Store wrapped in a paper towel in your refrigerator until your special meal. Alternatively, many chefs store in an airtight container of uncooked rice in the refrigerator. It will delicately scent the rice as well as keep the truffle from getting moist. Slice razor thin with a sharp cheese slicer , mandoline or VERY sharp knife if you do not have a truffle slicer.

Recipe Ideas

Let the truffle be the star of the table. I love to cook up Pasta  to al dente. ( Papperdelle with wheat germ is a favorite) Drain,  of course reserving some of the pasta water. Toss with equal parts J LeBlanc olive oil and butter, generous portion of fresh grated parmesan and fresh ground pepper. Add in a little of he reserved pasta water for consistency. Next-  shave fresh burgundy truffle on top at the table! Simple yet exquisite!