Caviar Siberian

Caviar - Siberian 1 ounce

This Caviar ~ the roe of Siberian sturgeon which are sustainably farm raised at the Mote Marine in Florida.( see more in our Artisan section below) The  caviar Siberian sturgeon is deep brown to medium black in color with medium sized firm eggs. Siberian caviar has a naturally nutty taste and some even say it has a mild hint of shitake mushroom. The finish is buttery, smooth and earthy with just a taste of a sea breeze.

This is an excellent ‘middle tier’  caviar coming from the Bareii species of sturgeon and is an excellent choice for a celebration in your home! Serve with crisp champagne or a dry white wine. Ice cold vodka is also a very traditional paring. Enjoy well chilled straight from a (non metalic) spoon or serve on traditional blinis or small  potatoes with creme fraiche.  1 oz jar ( 28 g)

Caviar – Siberian sturgeon sustainably raised in FL for a  celebration you can feel good about!


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Weight 1 oz


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The Siberian sturgeon ( Ascipenser bareii) is listed as "endangered" in the River systems native to the Siberian sea. This Siberian sturgeon is a particular strain which matures early and is widely farm raised. This siberian caviar is raised at the Mote marine in Florida. The sale of the caviar helps support the work of this noted research marine. The Siberian sturgeon reach up to 100 pounds and up to 6 1/2 feet long.

How to Prep/Store

Keep caviar in the COLDEST section of your refigerator. Unopened will keep for 3-4 weeks. Caviar comes in containers of varying sizes designed to be consumed once opening. This is a one ounce glass jar, perfect for a celebration for 2 with a bottle of champagne! Of course you can certainly  celebrate with more by serving with blinis,  eggs, or small boiled potatoes with a dollop of creme fraiche.

Recipe Ideas

Serve well chilled caviar either in a glass container surrounded by crushed ice ( a shrimp cocktail glass works well if you do not have a traditional caviar server) Serve with a horn, mother of pearl spoon ( any non metallic spoon will be just fine) and serve with dry champagne, dry white wine or ice Cold vodka. The nutty taste of this Siberian sturgeon pairs very well with small roasted potatoes and creme fraiche ( a common Russian paring) ENJOY!