Cervena Rack of Elk – “Frenched”

This Cervena rack of elk is the center eight-bone cut for premium presentation. The Cervena designation is respected by top chefs and lends to a premium dining experience. Chefs around the world recognize the quality of husbandry which goes into the Cervena designation from New Zealand (see our Artisan Spotlight below for more info). The bones have been “frenched” which will certainly ease your preparation time and lend to a lovely presentation.

Cervena elk meat is extremely lean but with much more flavor than beef and even more so than traditional venison (deer). It has approximately one-fifth the fat of traditional beef with more iron and zinc. Because of elk’s lean nature, most chefs cook only to medium-rare to maintain its naturally tender and juicy qualities. Minimal seasoning is required–simply take care not to overcook and enjoy this naturally flavorful meat. The is Cervena rack of elk will make a lovely dinner party for four with two chops each.


Each  Cervena rack of elk  average weight of 2.5 lbs (2 to 3 lbs).

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Cervena venison is internationally recognized for quality standards. From the pristine hills of the isle of Rotorua (meaning “bay of plenty”) in northern New Zealand, the prized Cervena designation is only given to deer and elk roaming natural farmlands from 200 to 2000 acres, without hormones or steroids or antibiotics and aged three years and under. The animals are allowed to graze freely on natural grasses in the beautiful New Zealand hills. They also do not receive any genetically modified feed. This designation was developed by dedicated ranchers to insure the highest quality standards. (This is the "Champagne" of venison.) Top chefs recognize the difference in the Cervena designation and so will you.

How to Prep/Store

Store your fresh rack of elk in the coldest section of your refrigerator until ready to prepare. Elk is a very lean meat and this rack has already had the bones "frenched" so will require very little work on your part. Apply your favorite seasoning, roast ...but just Don't Overcook!

Recipe Ideas

A fresh rack of elk will make a wonderful tableside presentation. Rub gently with sea salt, a nice pepper blend and a bit of red wine mixed with mustard to rub over. Sear outside in a HOT skillet and then finish in the oven for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Serve at medium-rare to fully appreciate the flavor and tenderness of this wonderful meat. Excellent served with a potatoes and a fresh steamed vegetable.