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Cervena venison tenderloin is a premium venison from New Zealand. The Cervena designation assures you that these deer were raised by local ranchers with exacting standards on the open range. Every step from breeding to transporting and final processing is strictly monitored. Top chefs recognize the quality of the Cervena label. You will as well. Venison is naturally lean, please take care to not overcook! Preparation is quick but the results are what top chefs look for. Fresh Cervena venison tenderloin is a real treat.

Venison can have a “gamey” flavor if not properly raised and processed. You will find this does not. See Artisan section below.

Each order of fresh Cervena venison tenderloin will include two tenderloins. Very limited availability. Ships Fresh Monday through Thursday when available. Email Edee w/questions–special order.


Fresh Cervena venison- (Avg total weight 1.75 to 2 lbs.)


Weight: 1.75 to 2 lb avg
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Weight 1.75 to 2 lb avg

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Cervena  venison is internationally recognized for quality standards. The prized Cervena designation is only given to deer and elk roaming natural farmlands of 200 to 2000 acres, without hormones or steroids. The animals are allowed to graze freely and are grass-fed and never given hormones or the likes. The initial herd of elk in New Zealand came from the United States from President Roosevelt nearly 100 years ago. The Cervena designation was developed by dedicated ranchers to ensure the highest quality standards. (This is the "Champagne" of venison.) Top chefs recognize the difference in the CERVENA label--so will you.

How to Prep/Store

Cervena venison tenderloin is shipped fresh. Arrives two per order. Place in coldest area of refrigerator. Requires virtually no trimming as this is a very lean meat. Also requires a watchful eye to avoid overcooking. Sear then finish in oven. Do not overcook--or your premium venison will resemble shoe leather!

Recipe Ideas

Venison is not a "gamey" meat if properly raised and processed (the latter being the real culprit to most folks who have had a bad experience). Either sear whole and then finish in a 350-degree oven. 15 to 7 minutes should do it. One other great option is to carve 1-inch medallions and quickly pan sear. Just a few minutes is all it takes for perfect medium rare! Deglaze pan with a little red wine and then swirl with a few pats of butter. Add your favorite accoutrements like roasted new potatoes and seasonal vegetable and dinner (a feast) is served.