Chocolate Enrobed Fig bon bons

Chocolate enrobed fig bon bons are treat from Spain.  High quality figs are dipped in Belgian chocolate and then individually wrapped. This pack of five contains 3 stuffed with chocolate truffle and then dipped in chocolate and two unadulterated chocolate enrobed figs.  A wonderful stocking stuffer or a nice finish to a picnic. These imported chocolate enrobed fig bon bon are a real treat! Imported from Spain.

2.4 oz 5 fig bon bons.

Chocolate enrobed fig bon bons


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Indeal Bon Bons are a Spanish classic. The most ripe and delicious figs are selected and then either dipped in Belgian chocolate or stuffed and then dipped. The newest technologies marry with the craftsman traditions of chocolatiers .

Recipe Ideas

These chocolate enrobed fig bon bons are the perfect end to a meal. Serve as a quick and easy dessert tray with a nice glass of port wine. ( of corse no one would tell if you just sat on the couch in your slippers and popped a few!)