Datterino Tomato Ketchup -Italy

This delightful datterino tomato ketchup is a far cry from the American supermarket version. The datterino tomato is a small, date-shaped tomato (hence its name) which is packed with flavor and is a favorite in Italy. (I think the Italians have been keeping them from us.)

There are several “gourmet ketchups” on the market now, but this one takes the prize. There are no off flavors nor is it over-seasoned. The fresh taste of the tomato shines through. The attention to quality ingredients and generational Italian recipes is instantly apparent.

This is a wonderful condiment made from fresh yellow datterino tomatoes and simple seasonings. Certainly it can be the crowning touch to a Wagyu burger or a brat or fries, but it so delicious you will want to get a bit more creative to enjoy. A little dollop of fresh tomato flavor on an amuse-bouche or add a spoonful to salad dressings. ( Think of a grown-up “1000 island.”) Another option is to top a cracker with a scant spoonful and top with olive tapenade. Great combination of flavors . . . and did I mention a quick and easy appetizer?

13 oz jar of datterino tomato ketchup.


Weight: 13 oz
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Weight 13 oz

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The yellow datterino tomato is a prize variety in Italy. It is small and similar in shape to a date--hence it's name. This small variety is BIG on flavor. It is farmed with great intention to developing its wonderful flavor--not mass production.

How to Prep/Store

Comes in wide-mouth glass jar. Keep in refrigerator after opening.