Domestic Lamb- boneless leg of lamb

boneless leg of lamb

Boneless leg of lamb is a classic for Spring’s special occasions . Both a treat and easy to prepare. This is fresh domestic lamb from the lush  Willamette Valley in Oregon. Many chefs consider domestic lamb far superior to that from Australia or New Zealand. This lamb is raised on open pastures without being fed grains , antibiotics or growth hormones. The family has their own processing facility to even further reduce stress to the animals. This grass fed lamb is tender and flavorful but not gamey. This boneless leg is Easy to prepare and perfect for a special gathering. Plus, there’s nothing like a  lamb sandwich the next day!  Fresh leg of lamb average 6 1/2 -7 1/2 lbs, so they are larger than the imported ones in your grocery store. Perfect for a crowd and use the leftovers for popular dishes like moussaka.

Boneless Leg Of Lamb for classic celebrations !

Weight: 6 lb avg

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Five generations of the Anderson Family have been raising lambs in the Oregon hills. These lambs are originally from an English breed of sheep and are raised by grazing on natural grasses  in Oregon’s Willamette Valley . They are of course  free of hormones or antibiotics.  Their idyllic lifestyle of grazing the hillsides and enjoying the fresh air while being herded  by " Samuel " the sheep dog, leads to the tender and flavorful meat. See our Artisan Spotlight for more about this wonderful ranch.

How to Prep/Store

This boneless leg of lamb is shipped to you fresh and will keep for a week unopened in your refrigerator.  If you will not be able to enjoy quickly you may freeze in a heavy duty bag . Since you will be the first one to freeze it the  impact to flavor and texture will be minimal. Preparation is simple with this flavorful meat. See recipe below.

Recipe Ideas

For a simple and easy prepartion just rub boneless leg all over with olive oil. Then sprinkle generously with salt pepper, and your favorite herbs. I enjoy fresh rosemary and lemon zest . You can make a gremolata with parsley, rosemary , lemon zest and garlic and olive oil- then rub all over lamb. Transfer to a roasting pan and finish in the oven at 350 for aproximately an hour until meat thermometer reads 135-140. As with all meats allow to rest for about 20 minutes. The meat will continue to cook and juices will settle. Carve and serve! Serve your nicest pieces and save th erest for making dishes like Moussaka.