Duck Breast – Magret de Moulard

FRESH Magret de Moullard

There is no need to think you can only have duck on “special occasions.” This is boneless duck breast from a domestic farmer which cannot be compared to the frozen commodity duck at your local supermarket. The Moulard duck breast (or Magret) boasts savory steak-like flavor with a deep red color. Some refer to it as “duck steak”! The Moulard duck is crossbred from the Muscovy and Pekin breeds and raised for foie gras. This breast is aged for seven days on the bone to develop flavor. This has the lean qualities of poultry with the satisfying flavor of a steak.

Rethink duck. It’s easy and creative.

Average whole breast is 30 to 32 oz..

See below for recipe and serving ideas for duck breast.

Weight: 30 to 32 oz
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Weight 30 to 32 oz


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Hudson Valley Fois Gras is a respected farmer of Moulard duck from which foie gras is obtained. HVFG is situated on 200 acres in upstate NY on the edge of the Catskill mountains. All birds are raised cage free, hand fed and processed at this certified farm to assure quality and the least amount of stress to the birds. Hudson Valley Foie Gras is committed to its role as a responsible, sustainable, and humane food producer. The extraordinary care given to the animals including open living and nutritious specialty diet far surpasses government standards and other farmers.

How to Prep/Store

Comes as a whole (double lobe) breast vacuum sealed. Refrigerate immediately and enjoy within two weeks or by date on packaging. If unable to enjoy quickly it may be frozen and kept one year in the freezer. We recommend the use of a vacuum freezer with heavy duty freezer bags. Duck freezes well. I often cut the breast in half and save/freeze one half for later. This rich and flavorful duck breast is well suited for oven roasting or grilling to medium rare like a steak.

Recipe Ideas

Score the skin in a cross hatch pattern 1/2 inch apart. Sear in a hot skillet to render fat and crisp skin (approx 3 to 5 minutes) then transfer to oven at 350 degrees and cook until medium rare. Let rest 5 minutes and then slice in half-inch pieces, fan on a plate and top with your favorite sauce. Click for recipe. Yes, the photo really is seared DUCK breast!