Duck Leg Confit – Pack of 6

Package of 6 legs

Duck leg confit is full of flavor that will be long remembered at your next gathering! Confit is a time honored method of preserving duck in its own fat and aromatics. There are a multitude of delicious applications. You will be surprised how many dishes will liven up with a little duck confit. It is, of course, THE secret ingredient to French cassoulet. Confit is naturally preserved so keeps well and is perfect to keep on hand in your “fresh pantry” for pizazz in multiple dishes. If you think bacon makes everything better . . . you need to try duck leg confit.

Yes, you could make duck confit yourself . . . but this is much simpler.

Duck leg confit – 6 legs per order

Weight: 6 to 7 oz each - 6/pack
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Weight 6 to 7 oz each - 6/pack


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Hudson Valley Foie Gras is a grower of the Moulard Duck from which Foie Gras is produced. HVFG is situated on 200 acres in upstate NY in the heart of the Catskill mountains. Hudson Valley Foie Gras is committed to its role as a responsible, sustainable, and humane food producer. The utmost care goes into the raising and care of these ducks.

How to Prep/Store

Technically a "preserved" meat via its slow simmer in its own fat. Duck leg confit should keep for 12 weeks in your refrigerator. Another excellent "gourmet pantry staple" for adding pizzaz to many dishes. I vacuum seal individually and keep in a basket in my fridge for whenever I need a little something to jazz up a dish.

Recipe Ideas

Cassoulet is of course a classic French countryside dish which utilizes duck leg confit. But for a unique and easy meal try our Mac-n-cheese with confit or make a fabulous summer dinner by tossing chopped pieces of duck confit on mixed greens, with heirloom tomatoes, chilled asparagus and fresh ramps or green onions if ramps are unavailable. Drizzle with a fresh dressing of good quality olive oil and Pommery sherry vinegar.