Duck Prosciutto

Cured, boneless duck breast prosciutto

This savory, dry-cured duck prosciutto will expand your culinary possibilities. Air dried in the same manner as traditional ham prosciutto, it has a much different flavor profile (and is much leaner). Perfect on a charcuterie board, wrapped around a medjool date or melon, or diced in a favorite pasta dish. This unique prosciutto has a large repertoire of entertaining possibilities. You will be enjoying this specialty prosciutto that is beloved by international chefs and probably never before tried by your guests! It is time to branch out with your charcuterie board!

Duck prosciutto has a long “refrigerator life” . . . but you may find it is gone before you know it.

Average weight 10 to 12 oz

Recipe ideas for Duck Prosciutto below!

Weight: approx 11 oz
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Weight approx 11 oz


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Hudson Valley is known by chefs to raise quality Moulard ducks.The Moulard is a cross of a Muscovy male and a Pekin female. The best of both breeds come through and produces a strong healthy bond. Of course foie gras is the crown jewel, but duck prosciutto should not be missed. Extraordinary care goes into the raising of these ducks and they are never given antibiotics and feast on a vegetable diet and fresh spring water.

How to Prep/Store

Keep tightly wrapped in the refrigerator after opening. As with all cured meats this enjoys a long "shelf( refigerator) life." For the most versatility, slice very thin, preferably on an electric slicer or with a very sharp knife. Present on your favorite charcuterie board, wrap around fresh or dried fruits, or toss into pasta dishes.

Recipe Ideas

Slice very thin on an electric slicer if you have one or use the sharpest knife in the kitchen. Just be careful! Delicious presented on a charcuterie platter with other cured meats and assortment of cheeses. Delicious complement to parmesan, fresh mozzarella or even a creamy havarti. This duck breast proscuitto  is amazingly versatile.