Filotea Egg Linguini (hg)

Imported Egg Linguini from Italy. Crafted with traditional methods to produce a a perfect pasta with just the right amount of structure and chew. There really is a difference in your supermarket pasta and those crafted in Italy. It’s the flour, the eggs, the water. Everything is fresh and the results are delicious. Filotea, a traditional artisan pasta maker, also uses traditional bronze dies which result in a wonderful texture. This textural assists in the commingling of your pasta and sauce.  This may seem extravagant for a “pantry staple” but wait till you whip up a platter of linguini for drop in guests. They are likely to think YOU made it Fresh!

Imported Egg Linguini from Italy 250 g (8.8oz)


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Weight 1 lb

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By utilizing the finest and freshest ingredients, and the using time honored methods of extruding with bronze dies and slowly air drying something truly wonderful happens to pasta. Only small Artisnal pasta makers like Filotea from Marche Italy can take the time to use these traditional methods,the freshest free range eggs, durum and semolina flours. The results of their labor of love are evident in this  superior pasta. Again, Quality over Quantity.

How to Prep/Store

Store this fresh dried pasta in your pantry. Cook in salted boiling water for 3 minutes. Yes- you read that correct- just 3 minutes! Drain and serve ( always scoop out a cup full of the pasta cooking water forst and use to help the consistency of your sauce as you mix together. It is a time honored technique of Italian grandmothers and one well worth heeding.

Recipe Ideas

Well since it takes all of three minutes to cook up  this  pasta that tastes like you made it yourself- your options are almost endless. A quick weeknight supper couldn't be easier . Particularly if you have a jar of pesto with truffle in the pantry. Of course linguini with clam sauce would be a breeze as well.  Just add copious serving of fresh grated parmesan and you are good to go.