First Day of Harvest – Arbequina 2017

Castillo de Canena First Day of Harvest Arbequina olive oil is an awaited culinary delight each year.

Each year certain trees are hand selected for the First Day of Harvest. The olives are processed within four hours of harvest maintaining a ‘cold chain’. This helps insure the delicate nuances of the oil are not disturbed by heat. Pure Arbequina olive oil from this special harvest has wonderful qualities. “We make use of precision agriculture, through which we now analyze more than twenty parameters, to know exactly the day on which the fruit reaches its ideal degree of ripeness. This allows us to begin the harvest of each varietal on exactly the right day, not a moment too early or too late,” says Francisco Vañó, General Director of Castillo de Canena. This year’s Arbequina  harvest occurred on October 25th , 2017, has an acidity of .11 and a beautiful greenish-yellow hue. Flavor notes include banana, apple, almond, and pear.

Each year, somebody from the artistic world, society, science . . . shows his peculiar view on this magical day of harvest through the design of the label. This year’s label was designed by flamenco dancer Sara Baras. The artist and choreographer  has captured a moment of dance on the label. Flamenco and olive oil are staples of Spanish culture. See artisan information below for more detail.

500 ml bottle of First Day of Harvest Arbequina oil makes a thoughtful gift.


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The First Day of Harvest is decided on by a host of technology. The harvest occurs at night and the olives are processed within hours to assure the fibnest quality . Each year a Spanish cultural icon is asked to design the label. This yers fortunate recipient is Sara Baras,  one of the country's most noted flamenco dancers. She is a native of the Cadiz region. She has performed all over the world including Sydney Opera House, the royal Albert hall in London to name a few. “Castillo de Canena is committed to excellence, to doing things right. Like in the art of flamenco, the key elements are purity, honesty and spirit. Just as in dance, tradition isbest served by conserving the freedom to show your own character, to be your own voice.” says Sara. She is a proud ambassador of her Spanish heritage and castillo de Canena olive oil.

How to Prep/Store

First Day of Harvest olive oil comes in a beautiful deep cherry-red bottle. This not only looks lovely on your counter but helps protect the oil from sunlight. Keep away from extreme temperatures and enjoy! Remember olive oil is a "living" thing. Do not try and save for a special occasion, it degenerates and loses flavor with time. MAKE a special occasion and enjoy often!

Recipe Ideas

Oh, where to begin? This Arbequina olive oil is fruity yet flavorful. It is not overpowering or bitter. Drizzle on all of the usual . . . fresh greens, sliced avocados, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella. But also wonderful for making homemade mayonnaise (aioli).