Forvm Cabernet Vinegar – Spain

Forvm cabernet vinegar is a wonderful treat from the Catalan region of Spain.( see artisan section below for more information) Chefs recognize the wonderful attributes and possibilities of this vinegar which is crafted like wine! It is made in the “solera’ for 8 years in the tradition of a fine Spanish sherry . The jammy qualities of this cabernet vinegar have notes of chocolate. Please understand this is real cabernet vinegar, not just distilled vinegar with some red wine ‘flavor’. There is a tremendous difference!

This wonderful Spanish vinegar is of course delicious in a vinaigrette but also divine over ice cream!  Top chefs use this wonderful vinegar as a finishing ingredients. Try it for yourself on everything from a splash at the end of a rich winter stew to a drizzle over chocolate gelato. Also a perfect accent to a perfectly grilled piece of Wagyu. Just lightly reduce to bring out is rich qualities and use as a glaze. Also a perfect addition to a pan sauce. You wil not think of vinegar the same once you begin to explore with this wonderful ingredient. The Spaniards take all of their culinary dishes seriously and that tradition and verve shine through in this Forvm vinegar.

500 ml bottle ( 16.8 oz)

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Weight 16.9 oz

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AVGVSTVS FORVM is a renowned wine producer is the Catalonian region Spain. The vineyards were planted within 3 km of the Mediteraenean Sea along the ruins of the Via Augusta, the ancient road to Rome. The name for the vineyard was derived from the piece of history which connected the region with the then 'modern world'. Located in the  Sant Vicenç de Calders along the Mediterranean in Spain. The vinegars are produced with differing years of "solar" which is process for making sherry where by the wines are aged and slowly combined in a process similar to that of balsamic.

How to Prep/Store

Comes in a tall sleek 500 ml glass bottle. As with all quality oils and vinegars, keep away from direct sunlight. A splash on salads or to  finish of your roast . Nothing special needs just your creativity and the breadth of your palette.

Recipe Ideas

Yes- you can make a wonderful vinaigrette with this cabernet vinegar. But just try to expand your options. The Spaniards make this wine in the tradition of sherry. So try a splash on your stew. A drizzle on some chocolate gelato.A drizzle on fresh fruit like strawberries of peaches.  A perfect marinade for sliced shallots... give it a try. Or ... on a decadent site of fresh seared Foie Gras!