Fresh Heritage Turkey

Heritage Turkey

Hens only this year 12-15 lbs

Enjoy a fresh heritage turkey raised on a farm under strict guidelines to ensure healthful and pleasant conditions for the birds and a delicious turkey dinner for your table. Very limited number of birds available. Please order EARLY. This heritage breed Black turkeys are thought to be the original native breed which was shared with the Pilgrims! They are raised slowly and naturally on a vegetarian diet and then hand processed and air chilled. (Unfortunately, most of the turkeys in your supermarket did not have such a pleasant lifestyle and were harvested MONTHS ago in preparation for Thanksgiving! ) Do check for feathers when preparing. These are hand processed and the breed is more susceptible to having pin feathers. These can easily and quickly be removed with tweezers.

Enjoy a FRESH natural turkey for your family feast by reserving now.

Turkeys will Ship overnight delivery to arrive  Tuesday, November 20th.

LIMITED quantities-

FRESH Heritage Black  Turkeys (Toms)  avg 17 to 20 lbs $175  NOT AVAILABLE

FRESH Heritage Black Turkeys  (Hens) avg 11 to 15 lbs $140


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Weight: 12 - 18 lb avg
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Additional Information

Weight 12 - 18 lb avg

11-14 lb, 15-17 lb, 16-20 lb

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Raised on small farm in North Carolina from heritage breed Black turkeys. They are raised on a farm which employs the French Farming guidelines of the Label Rouge. The French have long been very serious about high-quality poultry. This means these heritage breed turkeys were raised in spacious open air barns with plenty of sunlight, fresh water, and additive and hormone free vegetarian food! Most grocery store "production" turkeys did not enjoy the same conditions . . .

How to Prep/Store

Will arrive fresh in a cooler like all of our perishable ingredients. Place in your refrigerator as soon as you receive and prepare your favorite way. Do remove any visible pin feathers with tweezers (remember these are hand processed). I would recommend simple roasting to highlight the rich flavor of this naturally juicy bird. Of course follow guidelines for safe turkey preparation.

Recipe Ideas

There are hundreds of ways to prepare a turkey. Simple is perfect for this naturally flavorful bird. No need for hours of marinating or injecting! Rub skin with butter or olive oil, a little crushed garlic, salt and pepper . . . Stuffing a cut orange in the cavity is a nice touch! Tent with foil and send for a visit to a 325-degree oven. For a 16 lb bird start checking it at about 4 1/2 hours. The "experts" say 165 is the magical temperature. Be sure to let the turkey REST at least twenty minutes before carving. ENJOY the special times with family and friends--with a really good bird! ***Remove foil after about three hours to allow skin to get nice and crisp.***