Fresh Poussin – Whole (2 per order) (CD)

2 Fresh whole poussins

Fresh poussin is a treat many never enjoy. The younger the better- at least when it comes to poultry! A poussin is simply a young chicken, raised to no more than 28 days which assures its tender quality. Beautiful in presentation, one poussin is an ideal single serving. Most professional chefs consider poussin superior in taste and presentation to game hens. These average 19-22 oz each and come 2 to an order – individually sealed. Make a special presentation at your table with tender Poussin. These are FRESH Poussin, raised by a small experienced farmer being fed an all vegetable diet and fresh spring water and absolutely no antibiotics. The result is tender and tasty  treat for a home chef.

View  recipe ideas for our Fresh Poussin below!

Poussin is frozen at this time -enjoy savings -special price $19 per order!


Weight: 19-22 oz avg each - 2/Pack

Additional Information

Weight 19-22 oz avg each - 2/Pack
Fresh or Frozen


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This farmer knows birds! Raising utility pigeons dating back to World War I, they became the "experts" on pigeons, publishing three books. Through the years the fascination of pigeons expanded to other birds, including these poussins. This pigeon farm is a piece of history in a quaint Southern town. They have remained dedicated to humane growing and breeding. Their birds are raised in a stress-free, social environment and dine on an all vegetable diet with spring water. Palmetto pigeon farm is dedicated to raising an assortment of specialty poultry for your table.

How to Prep/Store

Enjoy within one week. Arrives in a package of two individually sealed. If need be...May be kept up to one year in the freezer. Utilize a vacuum sealer with heavy duty bags to protect this delicate bird.

Recipe Ideas

A simple rub with olive oil, sea salt (such as Maldon) pepper and perhaps a sprig of rosemary under the skin or tucked in the cavity, followed by a visit to a 400 degree oven will make for a delicious and tender roasted poussin. Serve with roasted root vegetables in cooler months or a fresh chilled summer soup and cous cous salad in the dog days of summer.