Fresh Wild Ramps (Wild Leeks)

Spring ramps fresh

Prices fluctuate throughout season

Fresh wild ramps (wild leeks) are one of the treasures of Spring. These wild members of the allium family are often called wild leeks. The taste is bright and fresh with a distinctive taste of garlic and onion (two of the best flavors rolled into one). If you don’t live in an area where they grow in the wild you have probably never had the opportunity to enjoy them. The Appalachian states celebrate the arrival of ramps with festivals in their honor. This is your chance to try ramps–but hurry–they won’t last for long. Then it is back to grocery store green onions.

Wild ramps-1/2 lb packs.

(Price varies throughout season.)

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Weight: 1/2 lb
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Weight 1/2 lb


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These treasures of Spring are harvested in the wild. They don't take well to cultivation which makes them all the more alluring. Similar to popular wild spring mushrooms, those who have a keen eye for them stake out their favorite growing spots. Lucky for us!

How to Prep/Store

Wild spring ramps--which are also called wild leeks are in the family of green onions and garlic (allium). Wrap loosely in a damp paper towel and store in your produce section.

Recipe Ideas

Rinse well and slice thinly. Enjoy your fresh spring ramps raw or saute to bring out their unique flavor of onion and garlic. Excellent in an omelet with farm fresh eggs. Many folks enjoy them straight served on a relish tray!