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Minimum Amount: $10.00

  • Gift Cards can be used for any of the ingredients we sell at Viva Gourmet.
  • Gift card amounts are set by you. At check-out the recipient applies the gift code to their order and any additional charges can easily be paid with a credit card.
  • No expiration dates.

Suggested Amount: $50.00

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Reduced Shipping Costs

Many of our ingredients are perishable and therefore by necessity, require FEDEX Standard Overnight shipping. There is no way around it - it's costly, and understanding shipping calculations practically requires a degree in actuary science!

In order to help defray your cost of shipping, we have incorporated shipping discounts for many of our finer ingredients. These ingredients are noted on the web site and the discounts will be automatically calculated when the ingredient is added to your cart. These discounts are cumalitive, so you could end up with very low or no shipping charges. (dependant on your location)

The best part is that you might as well add that extra pound of mushrooms, a bottle of truffle oil, some pasta or your favorite "pantry staples" because the shipping costs may not even change!