Guinea Hen – Whole (2 per order)

The guinea hen, as we call it, comes originally from coastal West Africa. Known as “pintade” by the French and “faraona” by the Italians, this rare bird dates back to the cradle of civilization. These grain-fed guinea hens are from French stock (Label Rouge Pintade) and are raised on a family farm free of antibiotics, hormones and stimulants. The guinea meat is light but with considerably more flavor than chicken–without a “gamey” taste. Average weight aprox 3 lbs with two birds per order. LIMITED Availability.

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Weight: 3 lbs avg - 2 per order
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Weight 3 lbs avg - 2 per order


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Raised on a family farm in the Piedmont region of North Carolina by a rancher who has been raising traditional heritage poultry with French protocol for years. If you are unfamiliar, the French have a very strict protocol for raising poultry known as the Poulet Rouge program. It emphasizes the quality of life for the birds by ensuring access to the out of doors, fresh air and of course no hormones, additives, growth stimulants or drugs. These conditions exceed the standards set here for "ORGANIC" or "FREE RANGE."

How to Prep/Store

Guinea hens are a wonderful poultry option. Makes for a gorgeous presentation! Available on a limited basis. Arrives fresh (or frozen as noted) and is best enjoyed within three days. Of course you may freeze for your convenience. We recommend the use of a vacuum sealer with heavy duty bags to protect this delicate bird.

Recipe Ideas

Roast as you would any other poultry. Rub some olive oil and a little fresh garlic on the skin, season with fresh sea salt and cracked pepper and send for a nice visit to your 350 degree oven. You will enjoy the extra flavor of a guinea without the gamey taste of some other less common poultry. Of course their wonderful farm life leads to fresh juicy meat. So enjoy!