Caviar – Hackleback (American Sturgeon)

Hackleback caviar 1 ounce

Hackleback caviar comes from  a wild, small sturgeon native to the Unites States Mississippi and Missouri river systems. Hackleback is an excellent choice for an affordable caviar service. The eggs are small- to medium-sized and rich black in color. Hackleback caviar is an excellent choice for small events and those just beginning their love affair with caviar. It has a smooth and light taste of the sea without tasting fishy as other lower-cost caviars can. Excellent served on blinis with a touch of creme fraiche or straight from a classic horn spoon (anything non-metallic). Always serve in a chilled serving dish with non-metallic utensil. Caviar goes particularly well with dry champagne or a dry white wine. 1 oz ( 28 g ).

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Hackleback caviar can make your next event a special occasion.


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These American sturgeon hackleback are native to the Mississippi and Missouri river systems. They are among the smallest of the sturgeon family reaching only 39 to 40 inches and weighing between 11 and 14 pounds. The females reach maturity after about seven years and spawn from April through July. This hackleback is processed and inspected under the strictest standards via CITES, HACCP, USDA, FDA, and NOAA regulations, and bears a CITES label to guarantee accountability and safety.

How to Prep/Store

Store caviar in the coldest section of your refrigerator. Unopened will keep for several weeks. Caviar is sold in small amounts and meant to be enjoyed upon opening. If you should have any left over, cover with wrap and consume within one day. It is excellent on fluffy scrambled eggs the next morning!

Recipe Ideas

Serve in a container surrounded by crushed ice. Traditional caviar servers are often silver with a glass bowl which nests in crushed ice.  A shrimp cocktail glass works well. I often put a small submergible flower vase light in the ice for added serving appeal. Serve using non-metallic spoon and transfer eggs very carefully so as not to break any. Serve on a small blini with a dollop of creme fraiche topped with the hackleback caviar. Toast to the good life!f