Iberico Pork Rack

avg weight 3 - 4.4 lb

Iberico pork is a heritage breed of Pig from the Iberian peninsula. It is famed for its ham. However, the rest of the meat is equally delicious. These pigs are raised in the wild and dine on the native acorns of the region. The results of this specific terror are undeniable. Although some have tried to raise the Iberian pgs in other areas, the results are not equal.  Due to being raised in a natural environment and the great outdoors, the size of the pigs varies.

These racks vary from 3 lbs to some 4 1/2 lbs. They are a special order item.

A whole rack makes a beautiful presentation. Or, for quicker preparation, simply carve into chops, season, and grill. A truly spectacular dinner in a matter of minutes.

8-10 bones per rack

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Weight: 3.75
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Weight 3.75

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