J LeBlanc Walnut Oil

This amazing oil is pressed from freshly roasted walnuts. This artisan family farm has been crafting exquisite oils for centuries and is a favorite of chefs. The aroma of the roasted nuts is only rivaled by the flavor in this finishing oil. Nut oils have a very low smoke point so not recommended for cooking. However, it is an incredible way to add walnut flavor in a unique way. This pure-pressed walnut oil is intense with a depth of flavor far beyond nut oils you may have sampled in your local market. You can carry on the care this family puts into this oil by sharing with your family and friends. J LeBlanc Walnut Oil is a special treat and is only available in limited quantities.

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Weight 16 oz


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Since 1878, these incredible nut oils have been carefully crafted by J. LeBlanc. Today, the LeBlanc family continues a legacy begun by founder Jean Charles LeBlanc, and the result is a presence on the finest chefs’ tables internationally. Located in France’s Burgundy region in the small town of Iguerande (or “in the middle of nowhere”). The process is truly amazing and unchanged for more 130 years. The nuts from southern Burgundy and Dordogne are crushed into a paste using the cultivator’s original granite mill, perfectly roasted in small batches, toasted for ten minutes, and then are cold-pressed using more than 20,000 pounds of mechanical pressure. The oil then "rests" for two weeks before bottling.

How to Prep/Store

Store in your refrigerator after opening. It may turn a little cloudy but that won't hurt the flavor and will extend its life. Upon return to room temperature the discoloration will dissipate. All oils, and particularly nut oils, diminish in quality over time. Freshness is key. J LeBlanc crafts its oils in small batches then ships to our supplier for renowned chefs. The only way to get it fresher is to go to their shop in Paris. This is a very intense oil. In a dressing use as a flavoring tool--similar to toasted sesame oil--to accent your other ingredients. Use perhaps one part walnut oil to four parts olive or salad oil.

Recipe Ideas

Be adventurous and try this delicious finishing oil on many things. Of course it is delicious as an ingredient in a vinaigrette for peppery greens or your favorite salad (see recipe for duck salad with apricots, walnut and asparagus.) But don't be afraid to drizzle some on a roasted pear, with some fresh walnuts and blue cheese alongside. You will be surprised the things which are better with a sprinkle of walnut oil. Just use sparingly!