Japanese Wagyu Ribeye (c)

A5 Wagyu Beef

Special Reserve Order only

This “full-blood” 100% Japanese Wagyu beef from the Miyazaki prefecture is coveted by renowned chefs in 5-star restaurants and carries an A5 rating. This is well beyond our USDA Prime label, with intense marbling. You certainly won’t find this in a local market! For that truly special dinner party bring out THE BEST and serve your guests ribeye steaks or roast and carve tableside. Available certificate of authenticity tracing lineage three generations. Each cap-off ribeye roast averages 5 to 7 lbs. This is extraordinarily rich beef so plan for smaller portions. (4 to 6 oz are the common serving of this premium meat in 5-star restaurants.) Chefs save and use every bit of this meat–there is no such thing as “scrap.” See handling and instructions below. Price will be determined by actual weight of ribeye.( $119/lb)

***Please note pictures shows a roast with the “cap on,” these are just the eye without the “cap.”***

Japanese Wagyu is available by Reserve Order only. Please contact us with any questions.

(Price will be determined by actual weight of ribeye.)

Weight: 6 lbs avg
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Weight 6 lbs avg

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This is prized "full-blood" Wagyu--meaning it is 100% Wagyu bloodline from Japan. This Wagyu is raised by a respected rancher in Japan who takes great care in raising these spectacular cattle. In the tradition of Japanese Kobe guidelines, these cattle are raised with special diets and free of chemicals, hormones and the likes. They don't need it! The Wagyu breed is known for its strong, healthy and fertile characteristics, along with spectacular intramuscular marbling which produces tender and flavorful meat. These are a slow-growing breed and this 100% pure blood takes longer to mature and is larger than a cross-breed. Shipped FRESH not frozen for an incomparable meal.

How to Prep/Store

The little bit of "trimming" you might do for preparation will provide you with another great option for special treats. Use trimmings for stir-fry, hot pot, or grind for out-of-this-world mini-sliders!Due to the incredible shortage of this premium meat, it will ship frozen.If you plan to freeze for future enjoyment, we recommend a vacuum sealer with heavy duty bags to protect the meat.

Recipe Ideas

A wonderful preparation is to cook via sous vide with a quick hot sear at the end. This will ensure perfectly cooked ribeye from edge to edge for a spectacular feast. Of course, you can carve into beautiful steaks and cook quickly on a searing grill. Whatever method you choose will result in a mouthwatering premium meal.