Limone Vincotto 250 ml

Lemon vincotto is a specialty vinegar from the Puglia region of Italy (the “boot heel”).

It is crafted from only two types of grapes, the Malvasia and the Negroamoro. They are pressed into a must and then boiled and finally set to age for several years in oak barrels with the “mother” starter. The process is similar to balsamic but the result is definitely different. Vincotto is less woody and has different nuances. Much like a good quality balsamic it has a delicate balance between sweet and sour. Also noted as an agrodolce on the bottle. Enhanced only with the natural lemons of the region it is a true treasure.

All natural with no colorants, preservatives, alcohol, etc. It’s the real deal.

Used as a condiment it is delightful over fresh ricotta, grilled fish or an assortment of vegetables. It is also a wonderful addition to seltzers or craft cocktails.

Limone Vincotto a true original agrodolce.

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The Family Calogiuri in the Lecce province of Puglia has been producing vincotto since 1825, jealously preserving the recipe. This particular vincotto, which literally translates to "cooked wine" is the standard bearer. Only the must of the local Malvasia Nera and the Negroamaro grapes is utilized. The grapes are allowed to dry on the vine for 30 days, then cooked over a low flame to reduce the must to one fifth its original volume. It is then set to age for four years.

How to Prep/Store

Comes in a dark bottle to protect the vincotto. Store in a cool pantry away from direct heat or sunlight as you would any other quality oil or vinegar.

Recipe Ideas

This a premium "agrodolce." Substitute in any recipe you have for agrodolce. However, simple is often best (and I wouldn't use half a bottle to simmer chicken in!). Drizzle over fresh ricotta and a grind of pepper for a wonderful addition to wine hour. Use as a finishing ingredient on broiled salmon. Or toss with fresh berries and serve over ice cream. You will quickly find more perfect applications.