Maldon Smoked Sea Salt 4.4 Oz

Maldon smoked sea salt has natural smoke flavor from real hardwood smoke infused into classic Maldon sea salt flakes. They are every bit as crunchy as the traditional variety, lending the flavor of the ocean with a dose of smoke. Perfect for when the weather won’t cooperate for a BBQ! Top chefs swear by Maldon salt and this smoked version is a great addition to their line. We love to use smoked sea salt in combination with smoked olive oil for a smoky combination and a great way to get the taste of summer in January!

Try a sprinkle of Maldon smoked sea salt on a nice steak or chop to lend a touch of smoke when the grill is not available. Or sprinkle on sautéed mushrooms for a flavor boost you might not have expected.

Maldon smoked sea salt flakes 4.4 oz.


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Weight 4 oz

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The Maldon Salt company has been run by the Osborne family for 130 years and four generations. Their location on the Essex coast  of England is perfect for high-quality salt harvesting and combined with years of improving techniques they are now world renowned. Salt was harvested in this area 2,000 years ago. Salt water is filtered and boiled to remove any impurities and then hand "drawn" by a skilled salt master to bring about the wonderful flaky crystals. Years of caring about the details have resulted in a wonderful family business.

How to Prep/Store

Maldon Sea Salt comes in an 4.4 oz box. I store mine in a decorative jar right beside the stove and serve in salt cellars tableside. If you live in an area with low humidity utilize a "salt pig" in your kitchen. As with all salts, keep away from humidity for maintaining taste and quality

Recipe Ideas

What would this crunchy Maldon smoked sea salt be good on? Most everything! One of my favorites is when the weather isn't cooperating for a BBQ. Just take 3/4-inch-thick medallions of your favorite meat (Berkshire pork tenderloin, elk, etc.). Sprinkle with the smoked sea salt and let sit for 15 minutes, liberally grind on some fresh pepper. Throw into a HOT cast iron skillet to sear and in a matter of 4 to 5 minutes you will have perfectly seared medallions of wonderful meat with a hint of smokiness. Depending on your taste, sprinkle a little more tableside. Roast some steak fries sprinkled with smoked sea salt for your side. You can have a "steak out" in the middle of February (or in a deluge in July). Also REALLY good on fresh-popped corn.