Matiz Raw Apricot Bar- demi luna – Spain

The Matiz Raw Apricot bar is a healthful option for your sweet tooth. The Spanish apricots are the star of the show. This delightful treat comes from the hills of La Vera in Spain ( see more below in are Artisan section). Sunny raw dried apricots are blended with Marcona almonds and formed into a wheel.Each bar is one half wheel weighing 8.8 oz.  known as a ‘demiluna’ or half moon.

You will never look at a ‘health bar’ the same way again.The quintessential trail bar for an afternoon hike .

The Matiz raw apricot bar makes a wonderful addition  to cheese board or a dessert course. Serve alongside a good manchego and some chorizo for an authentic Spanish tapa. Pure simple and delicious.

(also available as a ‘duo” with the Fig & Walnut Bar click here for discount pricing for the two)

Matiz Raw Apricot  Bar  8.8 oz

Weight: 8.8 oz
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Weight 8.8 oz

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The Matiz company provides traditional Spanish delights. Located in the hills of La Vera in the Spanish region of Extremadura. This is located in the Westernmost region of Spain. Although it name lends on etc think of extreme hardship it actually refers to the Duero river. The western border of souther Spain and for many years the edge of Christianity when the Spanish Christians were taking back their land from the Moors. Although the landscape of the area is sparse it is rich in traditions and delightful Spanish foods we enjoy today such as Pimento and dried fruit bars.

How to Prep/Store

The Matiz Raw apricot bar comes as a 'demi luna' or half moon . It is wrapped in plastic for easy carrying in a day pack. Slice and serve with cheese for a healthful snack or  an accompaniment to afternoon wine or sherry.

Recipe Ideas

This one is really simple. Open the wrapper, slice and serve . Makes a lovely complement to cheese and nuts for a simple cocktail hour. Also delicious with sliced salumi such as spicy chorizo or smooth silky prosciutto or Jamon as it is referred to  in Spain.