Minus 8 Dehydrate

Minus 8 Dehydrate utilizes the Reisling grape which has been dehydrated to intensify the flavor before pressing, fermenting and aging.( similar to the pocess of creating Amarone wine) Intense with a wonderful balance in sweetness and acidity. This is a perfect finishing touch to numerous dishes from grilled meats and fish to fresh vegetables. It is a wonderful addition to lentils, but its opportunities are boundless.  Top chefs love this nectar from the vine and you will too. It’s a pantry staple  at my home!

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Weight 187 ml


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A winemaker in the Niagara region of Canada decided to try crafting a wine vinegar in the tradition of Ice Wine. Made from sweet Canadian grapes in an honored vineyard, the outcome was sweet and dark, like a raisin. The grapes are harvested at “Minus 8” degrees, in the tradition of famed Canadian Ice Wines with others being harvested at precise times to match the desired outcome. This is a small operation with limited supplies and of course dependent upon the bounty of the harvest each year.

How to Prep/Store

As with all finishing ingredients, store out of direct sunlight. This is a delicious treat for splashing on your grilled vegetables, meats, sliced fresh chilled beets, fruits and just about anything else you care to try. The light and fresh balance of flavors is a complement to a host of dishes.

Recipe Ideas

Try blanching haricot vertes for two minutes then plunging in ice bath. Tear some fresh greens and lightly toss with GOOD quality oil- such as JLeBlanc or a flavor infused variety like the "O" Meyer lemon olive oil. Top lightly dressed greens with chilled beans, toasted pine nuts and then drizzle with Minus 8 Dehydrate. Season to taste with sea salt and cracked pepper. Makes a wonderful light and refreshing salad.