Perigord Black Winter Truffle (Cwt)

Fresh Black Winter Truffles

The black winter  truffle is harvested by hand between November and March each year in the Perigord region of France. It boasts a robust aroma and flavor. Given its slightly more robust characteristics it can be lightly cooked at low temperatures and incorporated into recipes without suffering quality. Ahhh-  a true delicacy for the kitchen!  Simply slice razor thin over fresh pasta, risotto or whatever you want to add the depth of flavor that only a fresh truffle brings. Each order average is .8-1 oz

Black winter truffles are available only for a few months!

Seasonal: In Season
Weight: 1 oz
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Weight 1 oz

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The black winter truffle is a treasure from the kingdom of fungi grow in a symbiotic relationship with the roots of oaks, hazelnuts and poplars. Specially trained dogs( and sometimes female pigs) are used to find these buried treasures. A small specially crafted hand tool is then used to unearth. Urbani truffle is one of the most respected tryffle hunters in the world. A black market of inferior truffles has emerged with there increasing popularity. Rest assured these are from respected truffle hunters.

How to Prep/Store

There are many suggestions for the best storage. Many professional chefs store fresh black winter truffles in uncooked rice in the refrigerator. This scents and FLAVORS the rice for risottos. However it does draw moisture from the truffle shortening it's keep. We suggest wrapping your fresh truffle in paper towels and then put in a lidded glass jar in the refrigerator. Make sure to check and change the towel every few hours if damp. The truffle flavor disapates with cooking so enjoy FRESH sliced paper thin over fresh eggs, risottos, or fresh pasta.... Most anything actually!

Recipe Ideas

Almost everything tastes better with a shaving of fresh truffle! Slice razor thin on top of your fresh grilled steak. ( Wagyu of course). Prepare Vialano Nano risotto and stir a few shavings in at the end and then top with a few more, some fresh parmesan and pepper. Invite your closest friends over to enjoy this culinary treat!