Pied Blue Mushroom (Blue Foot Mushroom)

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The Pied Bleu mushroom often also known as the blue foot mushroom, is an earthy treat for your table. The name comes from it’s blue tinted stem–actually a bit on the lavender side. It is a meaty mushroom and holds up well to sautéing with a deep earthy flavor. It can stand on its own next to a grilled steak and is a classic in Italian “pasta con funghi.” You do need to cook it for quite some time, about 15-20 minutes. Undercooked its strong “earthy” flavor can be overwhelming. Patience pays off because suddenly it becomes this meaty, earthy and somewhat silky treasure. The Pied Blue mushroom is one which is definitely worth a try!

Fresh Pied Blue mushrooms

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Weight 1 lb

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Mushroom hunters across the world look forward to the window of opportunity to collect these edible treasures. Although many have tried cultivation they have met with limited success--nothing compares to nature! Our selections come from reputable harvesters and are shipped to you FRESH after being hand selected and packaged.

How to Prep/Store

Hand selected and carefully packaged by VIVA GOURMET. Store unwashed in refrigerator either in packaging or on clean dish covered with a towel. BRUSH LIGHTLY to remove any traces of its wild heritage. If necessary wash VERY quickly in COLD water just before use.

Recipe Ideas

Slice in good-sized pieces and sauté with olive oil. In a few minutes the edges will begin to develop a deep rich brown and they will soften. I like to add a little finely chopped rosemary to the mushrooms before its all done. Serve as a delicious appetizer with crusty bread, creamy blue/Brie cheese and a drizzle of oil if you like. Serve with your favorite wine. These will stand up quite nicely to a hearty wine.