Berkshire Pork Tenderloin ~ Berkshire/Kurobuta Pork

FRESH whole Berkshire pork tenderloin

Two tenderloins

Berkshire pork tenderloin is the best cut from pedigreed pigs! The Berkshire pig, the breed which produces Berkshire pork, is also know by its Asian name of Kurobuta and has become increasingly popular with chefs who enjoy serving Berkshire pork on their menus. This heritage breed of pig originated in the British Isles and has had a resurgence in popularity due to its true pork flavor and marbling which produces a naturally juicy meat. This pork is incredibly flavorful just as it is, no need for hours of marinating! No wonder it has become the darling of chefs in the finest restaurants. You may have forgotten what REAL pork tastes like. Two Berkshire pork tenderloins have an average total weight of  2 to 2 1/2 lbs. Plenty for a dinner party of six or eight.

Fresh Berkshire Pork tenderloin will change the way you think about pork.

Weight: 2 to 2 1/2/lbs total
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Weight 2 to 2 1/2/lbs total

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    Hey Guys- just want to thank you again. I ordered another Pork tenderloin and it was incredible, just added salt and pepper that’s it. I called Edee and told her how I was going to marinate my pork she suggested just add salt and pepper that’s all you need so I did what she said OMG flavor was incredible!!!! You can’t be the service I ordered my pork on tuesday and got it Wednesday morning and was eating it Wednesday night can’t get fresher than that…

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Kurobuta” means “black pig” in Japanese. This heritage breed “pedigree pig” is much slower growing than your supermarket pig which is commercially farmed for quick time to market--NOT flavor. This is certified 100% pure Berkshire. The Kurobuta (or Berkshire) pig is a unique pig which has ancestry from the British Isles and Asia and is being carefully preserved by caring farmers here domestically. The farmers take extraordinary care in assuring these pedigree pigs a healthy and happy environment--of course free of hormones or antibiotics.

How to Prep/Store

These lean Berkshire pork tenderloins--two per pack--require very little trimming or 'handling." If not cooking a whole tenderloin for your dinner, wrap the unused portion in parchment paper then tightly wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for up to three days. If need be, freeze for later use. We recommend using a vacuum sealer with good quality freezer bags to protect the meat.

Recipe Ideas

This well-marbled and tender pork tenderloin requires little adornment and certainly does not require marinating. Season gently, give a quick sear in a hot skillet. Then roast to medium and let the true pork flavor shine! Also perfect for the grill. Alternatively, carve up into "cutlets' one-inch thick or your preference for the ultimate easy weeknight dinner. Again, season lightly, sear and cook each cutlet to medium/medium well. Click for a great option for 'sliders' fro your next party.