Poulet Rouge Fermier (FRESH 2 per order)

Heritage chicken ~2 per order

This poulet rouge heritage breed bird is unrivaled in flavor and quality. The Label Rouge program from France is a program which far exceeds the US requirements for “free range,” “organic” and other familiar labels. Heritage poultry breeds like the Red Cou Nu are considerably slower growing than conventional chicken, resulting in a far more delicious and healthy bird. It is a breed renowned for its thin skin, elongated breast, long legs, and naked neck.  It certainly isn’t the prettiest chicken you’ve ever seen but it just may be the tastiest! There really is a tremendous difference!

Polulet Rouge recently featured in SAVEUR magazine with rave reviews for the wonderful flavor.

Poulet Rouge Shipped FRESH (not frozen)

Weight: 3.0 to 3.5 lbs avg 2/pack
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Weight 3.0 to 3.5 lbs avg 2/pack


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Under the Label Rouge program from France, the chickens are fed an all grain diet, containing no animal products, medications, growth stimulants, and no artificial ingredients. No farmer may have more than four houses on a property insuring better conditions and care for the birds. They are allowed generous living space and access to the out of doors. These birds are never de-beaked and this artisan farmer has received the highest possible scores for humane growing and processing. The process concludes with air chilling instead of a chemical water bath which results in richer and fuller flavor, better texture and less environmental waste. This rancher meets and in many cases exceeds the Label Rouge program guidelines. These are strong healthy birds, juicy and full of flavor.

How to Prep/Store

Sold FRESH in packs of two. Each individually wrapped. Use within 5 to 7 days. If you will not be able to use both within a few days, save one by freezing--preferably with a vacuum sealer and a heavy duty freezer bag to protect this delicious meat.   Although it can be substituted for conventional chicken in any dish, Poulet Rouge is prized for its wonderful flavor so simple preparations allow the flavor to shine. We recommend cooking it simply, either roasted whole or cut up and pan-roasted, with butter, herbs, fresh wild mushrooms, and heirloom potatoes.

Recipe Ideas

Roast whole, put on the rotisserie or cut up and oven or pan fry. For a truly SPECIAL and unique twist, try our Modern Coq au Vin. (See our upcoming FEATURED MEALS ). This bird is tender and flavorful--no need for days of marinating and stewing--just simple and wonderful flavors when combined with wild mushrooms, cippollini onions, heritage bacon, and a delicious batch of fresh noodles or smashed potatoes.