Sea Salt – Maldon Sea Salt Flakes (SO)

Maldon Sea Salt is a favorite of top chefs. The Maldon sea salt flakes are known for their delicate texture and clean taste.These salt crystals are harvested from salt marshes in England by seasoned salt masters. The process has been perfected in this family business for over 130 years and is served at the House of Windsor. Sprinkle or crush Maldon sea salt crystals to finish your favorite dish perfectly. These specialty sea salt  crystals have a delicate crunch and  have a ‘saltier’ taste, often require less salting. You may never be able to use regular ‘table salt’ again… 8.5 oz box of Maldon Sea Salt Flakes is ample for household kitchens.

Maldon Sea Salt Flakes are used by chefs worldwide- try for yourself.


Weight: 8.5 oz
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Weight 8.5 oz

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The Maldon Salt company has been run by the Osborne family for 130 years and four generations. Their location on the Essex coast  of England  is perfect for high quality salt harvesting and combined with years of improving techniques they are now world renowned. Salt was harvested in this area 2000 years ago. Salt water is filtered and boiled to remove any impurities and then hand 'drawn' by a skilled salt master to bring about the wonderful flaky crystals. Years of care to detail have resulted in a wonderful family business.

How to Prep/Store

Maldon Sea Salt comes in an 8.5 oz box.  I store mine in a decorative jar right beside the stove and serve in salt cellars table side. If you live in an area with low humidity utilize a 'salt pig' in your kitchen. As with all salts keep away from humidity for maintaining taste and quality

Recipe Ideas

Maldon Sea Salt is the perfect finishing touch to grilled steak, fish or vegetables. The flakes have a delicate crunch with adds to the texture of the dish. It is also popular for brines and marinades as it has a very clean taste free of metallic after tates sometimes found in table salts. It also has a bit 'saltier' taste so you mat want to use less and taste as you go. It will change the way you salt food!