Smoked Olive Oil- Napa The Smoked Olive

Smoked Olive Oil has become a darling of top chefs. This is a premium California olive oil which is lightly smoked and done so naturally so as to not degrade the oil. Featured on national tv cooking shows and lauded by top chefs. This smoked olive oil can expand your culinary horizons . Many ‘smoked” ingredients on the market are merely doused with a liquid smoke product or smoked traditionally over a hot coal fire. While the latter does a wonderful job of marrying smoke flavor with its’ mate on the grill, olive oil doesn’t take kindly to heat and light. See Artisan section below for more detail.

This premium olive oil from Napa Valley has a light yet distinct smoked flavor which will add a special touch to many of your creations from gazpacho to roasted potatoes to deviled eggs! Smoking olive oil, salt or sugar requires more practice and control than you might imagine. Too much smoke can leave you with something which simply tastes burnt. The Smoked olive is an oil worth a spot in your olive oil line up!

Smoked Olive Oil -Napa- from the Smoked Olive. 250 ml ( 8.45 oz)


Weight: 250 ml (8.45 oz)

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Weight 250 ml (8.45 oz)

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Al Hartman and Brenda Chatelain are the faces behind The Smoked Olive. Al has been described as a 'smoke whisperer" by some as his skills with smoking are now legendary. He has created a process which smokes the olive oil is the absence of light, heat or air. This unique process insures the integrity of the premium olive oil. They have been featured on national programs such as the Today Show, Top Chef and their olive oil and smoked sugar has been featured on many restaurant menus and used by top chefs.