Filotea Spinach Fettuccine – Egg – 8.8 Oz

This delightful spinach fettuccine is an egg pasta imported from an artisanal pasta producer, Filotea. They utilize bronze dies for extrusion and a very slow drying process together with the finest quality ingredients for a pasta with superb texture and tooth. Flavored and colored with fresh spinach. ( Note: this is a natural shade of green from real spinach–not fluorescent like some in the grocery store.) Beautiful, gift quality–the pasta comes in an attractive package with two sections of perfectly folded dried pasta. This fettuccine with spinach makes a wonderful main course or side dish and cooks to a perfect al dente every time in just 4 minutes.

Filotea spinach fettuccine – 8.8 oz ( 250 g).

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By utilizing the finest and freshest ingredients, and then using time-honored methods of extruding with bronze dies and slowly air drying something truly wonderful happens to pasta. Only small artisanal pasta makers like this one from Marche, Italy, can take the time to use these traditional methods. The freshest free-range eggs, durum and semolina flours. The results of their labor of love are evident in this superior pasta. Again, quality over quantity.

How to Prep/Store

The Filotea spinach fettuccine comes in a wrapped box in two sections of perfectly extruded fettuccine. Store in your pantry. Cook in a generous amount of salted boiling water for 4 minutes for a perfect al dente EVERY time! Will serve four for a main course or more served as a side dish.

Recipe Ideas

The possibilities are endless. My favorite is to highlight the spinach. Wash and tear several cups of fresh spinach or mixed greens. Place in a large serving bowl. Add a teaspoon full of roasted fresh garlic (5-6 cloves). Cook pasta according to package directions (4 minutes--really that's all!) Drain, reserving a large coffee cup full of the cooking water, and toss with the torn fresh spinach. The hot pasta will wilt the spinach perfectly. Add in some of the cooking liquid as needed and then a few tablespoons of fresh olive oil (the Arbequina from Castillo de Canena is a wonderful match). Toss until combined and add fresh grated Parmesan. Dinner in just a few minutes. For those who need the full recipe CLICK here.