Summertime Al Fresco Dining

Al fresco dining Viva Gourmet style.

Summer means grilling and al fresco dining with good friends. Nothing says summer more than a slow-cooked Boston Butt and Berkshire pork takes it over the top. Don’t forget some “O” Meyer lemon olive oil to add freshness to everything from pasta salads, asparagus, salmon or grilled romaine! We are talking about Meyer lemons and  California olives PRESSED together–not just “flavored” or “infused.” It’s magical!

You owe it to yourself to try a bottle of real sherry vinegar from Spain (Pomerrey). Sherry vinegar has become very popular with chefs and for good reason. This is another one of those things you may not realize you need but you do. It adds a perfect finishing touch to your homemade barbecue sauce and brings a great zing to green salads or a healthy beluga lentil salad.

Real imported Italian pasta will transform your pasta salad to something your guests will be talking about. This “pennette” (penne) is delicate and cooks to a perfect al dente every time in just six minutes. Summer staples of pasta salad or jazzed up “mac-n-cheese” will never be the same! (Your deli counter will begin to miss you–your guests will wonder what you did!)

No summer supper is complete without homemade ice cream . . . and drizzled with real balsamic. Oh my! Try the Special Edition balsamic from Compagnia del Montale–of course, it also delicious on sliced heirloom tomatoes!

At Viva Gourmet we’ve got you covered, Enjoy al fresco dining on a whole new level!



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