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tomato and white sultana chutney

with ginger and garam masala

Tomato and white sultana chutney with ginger and garam masala will make you re-think condiments. Le Bon Magot sources high-quality fresh ingredients and spices then uses them to recreate century old traditional recipes. The sweetness of tomatoes and white sultans marries with piquant Kashmiri chilis in this versatile chutney. Ginger and garam masala lend true depth and leave you wanting ‘more’. Chutney ( or chattni in Hindi) means “to lick”, which is what you will want to do to your plate to get every last morsel!

The travels around the world of the founder have led to these award-winning sauces, chutneys, and marmalades. This tomato and sultana chutney is perfect on everything from grilled toast to burgers. Grilled eggplant to scrambled eggs. Bye-Bye ketchup ( and you may think your favorite hot-sauce as well.

Tomato and white sultana chutney with ginger and garam masala 8 oz jars.

Weight: 8 oz
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Weight 8 oz

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Le Bon Magot is a specialty food company who has received numerous accolades for their creative and traditional line of sauces, chutney, and preserves. The founder has been an avid travel for a life-long adventure and shares the unique spices, flavors, and cultures with you via this line of sauces. All are free of preservatives, gluten or msg. Numerous SOFI awards are just one of the accolades.

Recipe Ideas

Tomato and white sultana chutney is, of course, a wonderful condiment for grilled meat or eggplant. It is equally at home on soft cheeses or spread on a crispy tart or a spoonful on your scrambled eggs. Try making simple cheesy cauliflower cups in your mini muffin tin and top with a dab of chutney. Your guests will go wild!