“Trentasette” Genovese pesto sauce 6.35 oz

True genovese style Italian pesto. Trenteasette starts with the freshest ingredients,fresh basil, garlic, pine nuts and olive oil…then make small batches with traditional recipes. You  could make your own, but this one is really good and all you have to do is open the jar! It’s easy to turn your nose up at prepared pesto… but this one is worth a try- it tastes fresh and flavorful with no “off” processed flavors. Try it for yourself!


Weight: 6.35 oz

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Weight 6.35 oz


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This  small Italian producer utilizes the finest from Italian culinary staples, fresh genovese basil, parmesan and romano cheeses, pine nuts, olive oil . These are crafted in small batches in classic Italian tradition. ENJOY an excellent prepared product- why make your own when this is so good?

How to Prep/Store

Excellent prepared truffle sauce. This  6.3 oz jar is the perfect size to dress a pound of pasta or  serve with bruchetta and cheeses. It will be a welcome addition to your pantry. Use by date on packaging.