“Trentasette” Genovese Pesto with Truffles (hg)

Traditional Genovese Basil pesto complemented with fresh truffles! This  wonderful combination makes cooking with truffles effortless. This prepared pesto is perfect for a quick fix for unexpected company, OR an extra long day. There are endless possibilities for this go-to pantry staple. Toss with pasta, top bruchetta, serve with crackers. Yes, there are plenty of pestos at the supermarket- but not with fresh truffles  and a bright fresh flavor! This one deserves a spot in your pantry.


Weight: 6.35 oz
SKU: PS002

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Weight 6.35 oz


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Trentasette- is an  Artisnal producer who utilizes only the freshest ingredients- like fresh basil, olive oil, garlic and then adds high quality truffles. These Mediterranean staples are then crafted in small batches and are ready for your table.

How to Prep/Store

Store in your pantry unopened. After opening store any unused amount in the refrigerator. As with all pestos pour a little olive oil to cover to help retain color and freshness. This 6.3 oz jar is perfect to dress a pound of pasta or will top plenty of homemade pizza crusts, as well.

Recipe Ideas

Quick and easy bruchetta. Take your favorite crostini . ( or make your own by toasting fresh bread brushed with olive oil and a little roasted garlic) Then spread a dollop of Trentasette Genovese pesto and then top with fresh mozzarella , next top with a  slice/piece of fresh tomato.( If truly fresh tomatoes are not in season use our Sundown Foods oven roasted tomatoes- you will always want to keep these in your fridge) If you don't want to put all the effort into layering, mix the pesto , cheese and chopped tomato in a bowl to coat and then let your guests spoon on their crostini. The truffles put it over the top.