Trentasette Red Pesto with Truffle (cwt)

This Red Pesto with truffle is a delicious sauce for everything from pasta to bruchetta. This combination of tomatoes, cheeses, nuts and truffles is a winner!  ( note-Does contain tree nuts .) This pesto is a silky yet robust sauce that makes for a quick pasta or an easy appetizer for unexpected guests. This red pesto with truffle should be a staple in your pantry. Also a great addition to a roast beef sandwich!

Made by a small Italian producer who makes a wonderful line of prepared ingredients that rival homemade. (See our Artisan section below to learn more)  6.3 oz jar.

Red Pesto Sauce with truffle will become your go to pantry staple.



Weight: 6.35 oz
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Weight 6.35 oz


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This small Italian producer utilizes the finest from Italian culinary staples, tomatoes, parmesan and romano cheeses, pine nuts, olive oil etc  then supplements with black summer truffle! These are crafted in small batches in classic Italian tradition. ENJOY.

How to Prep/Store

Excellent prepared truffle sauce. This 6.3 oz jar is the perfect size to dress a package of pasta ~ or serve with bruchetta and cheeses. It will be a welcome addition to your pantry. Use by date on packaging. If you don't use all of this red pesto with truffle at once, just pour a little fresh olive oil on top and refrigerate as you would with other pestos.

Recipe Ideas

EASY!  One package of Morretti Papperdelle pasta with wheat germ, (or your favorite pasta you have on hand), Boil as directed in salted water. Meanwhile, open a jar of Trentesette Red Pesto with truffle and a bottle of your favorite wine. Pour all but a spoonful of red pesto in a nice big pasta serving bowl. Drain pasta ( always reserve a little of the cooking water- 1/2 cup or so) Add pasta to bowl and toss. Stir in a few spoonfuls of the pasta water - toss some more. Put the last spoonful on top of the pasta - sprinkle on some fresh shaved parmesan (have plenty more for the table). Pour you and yours a glass of the open wine and ENJOY.