Wagyu Beef Hanging Tender – Hanger Steak

The Wagyu beef hanging tender, or hanger steak as it is often called is also known as the ‘butchers’ steak” as the butchers would often keep this cut for their family. It is a  flavorful cut from an ordinary cow, but once you move up to Wagyu it is another matter.This is a MS3 which certainly exceeds a local grocer variety. This extremely flavorful cut has become quite popular for its versatility and flavor.

The hanging tender is located in the front of the cow around the diaphragm area and is about 2 lbs. It is comprised of two pieces joined by a connective membrane. You will want to cut this membrane/ silver skin out as it is inedible . After trimming you will have two nice ‘hanger steaks’ a little over a pound each. At a fraction of the cost of the traditional tenderloin the hanging tender is a real winner. Loaded with favor and meltingly tender. wagyu makes a real difference !

The hanger steak is great on the grill, and then cut against the grain or  terrific marinated and sliced for fajitas! You may have found your new favorite for a quick satisfying supper.

TWO hanging tenders and will provide 4 ‘hanger steaks”. Average Total weight 5- 51/2 lbs.


Weight: 5 - 5.5 lbs
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Weight 5 - 5.5 lbs

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The hanging tender became known as 'the butcher cut as butchers would often save this flavorful cut for their families. Being Located in the front of the cow  where the fore quarter meets the hind quarter it would literally 'hang' when the carcass was moved . The butchers understood how tender and flavorful this cut was an often saved it for their families. The fact that this is Wagyu beef makes it that much more wonderful!

How to Prep/Store

This extremely tasty muscle has a tough membrane  that divides it. After removing this inedible part along with the silver skin you will have two nice 'hanger steaks' ready for the grill or fajitas! The hanger steak has a loose muscle structure and grills up beautifully . You are welcome to marinate but since this is Wagyu beef it really doesn't require or need marinating. After cooking to medium rare slice across the grain for tender results.

Recipe Ideas

Oh there are so many options for the hanger steak. My favorite foolproof method for this cut is a two hour swim in the Sous Vide and then a two minute sear on the grill or griddle pan. Try searing and cutting across the grain after a quick Asian marinade. Add to lettuce, rice noodles , tomatoes and seasonal fruit. Click to see our recipe for Thai Noodle Steak Salad- kicked up a notch with wagyu beef! Summer Supper at its' finest.