Wagyu Beef Ribeye – whole 12-14 lbs

(Australian) whole boneless ribeye

Wagyu Beef MS4 limited availability

Wagyu Beef Ribeye is perfect for that special dinner party or holiday feast! Wagyu beef really is ‘melt in your mouth’ tender. This is a spectacular whole ribeye also known as a boneless Prime Rib. The average weight is 12- 14 lbs. This is a highly marbled beef which is also quite rich, so smaller portions will satisfy even hearty appetites. You certainly can feed a hungry holiday crowd with this roast of a whole Wagyu beef ribeye. The choice is yours–an exquisite prime rib roast or carve into rib-eye steaks (8 oz is PLENTY) for the grill.( with 12 + pounds you can do both- roast a prime rib roast and cut some rib eye steaks for another party)

Take your holiday dinner or gathering to the next level with this premium meat so few have actually tried. A4 Australian Wagyu beef is equivalent or better to Prime meat in American markets!( photo shows MS3) Read more about the breed and what makes it special below.  A4 is only available in limited quantities

Wagyu Beef Ribeye for entertaining -see below

Weight: 12 lb avg
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Weight 12 lb avg

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Wagyu has a bloodline history of the finest cattle in the world. These Australian ranchers have a Japanese style ration where these cattle gain weight naturally for a longer time period. Healthy cattle and delicious, beautifully marbled beef is the result. This is "purebred" which means at least 15/16 Wagyu. Wagyu cattle naturally contain higher rates of intra-muscular fat for spectacular marbling, however they also have a higher percentage of unsaturated fat than traditional beef cattle. Unsaturated fat is considered a "good" fat although we should all watch our fat intake. These prized cattle are healthy and raised free of hormones, antibiotics and the likes in pastures in Australia.

How to Prep/Store

Refrigerated will keep for three days or freeze up to six weeks. The number one tip is DO NOT OVERCOOK!  Wagyu is marbled with a high concentration of unsaturated fat which is actually considered the “good” fat. This unsaturated fat melts at very low temperatures, creating almost a “self basting” during cooking. In Japan it is often served and prized near “raw. Our American palates are more accustomed to searing to rare or medium rare. But anything over that and you will not enjoy the qualities Wagyu is prized for. You could order pre-cut steaks elsewhere for at least twice the cost, but carving your own ribeyes to suit your particular guests is certain to make them feel special.

Recipe Ideas

Top chefs who prepare these ribeyes in renowned resorts and restaurants suggest rubbing the whole ribeye all over with sea salt and fresh-cracked pepper. Then SEAR sides in a hot skillet OR on very high 500 degree oven for a few minutes to crisp the exterior. Then slow roast at 250 degrees until no more than rare. Remove from oven and let rest, tented with foil for 25 to 30 minutes. The meat temperature will continue to rise and juices will "settle." Then carve for your guests--smaller-than-usual portions will be ample (6 to 8 oz should be plenty for even the heartiest appetites--this is very rich meat!) Hand carved steaks on the grill can't be beat though! See recipe section for YORKSHIRE PUDDING to accompany your ribeye roast for a traditional holiday feast.